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Inspired by early life religious experiences, Ghosts transcends the edge of mere life and existence of what is, and what isn't.

Featured Credits:

Drums - Jerry Roe

Jerry's remote drum recording sessions are the best of the best. These tracks give you insight into performance, tone, and mic technique. If you've ever wondered what unmixed drums should sound like, this is it.

Strings - Matt Combs

Matt's arrangement and performance of a mono-chromatic orchestral gives large format cinematic sound in the precise controlled studio environment. Allowing for creative soundscapes and depth within melody and harmony. Experience 30+ tracks of strings performed and arranged by a truly world class player.

Key A - Major
Tempo BPM 118
Track Count 71
File Type .WAV
Sample Rate 44.1 kHz
Bit Depth 24-bit
Credits Jordan Miller - Artist / Producer | Matt Combs - Strings | Jerry Roe - Drums | Ben Turner - Mixing / Mastering
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